ICEEPS 2020 - International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Studies


会议名称:ICEEPS 2020 - International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Studies










Climate change becomes more serious as seen by the frequent disasters due to extreme climate all over the world in recent years. It poses immediate threats and challenges that require concerted actions by the international community. Global Instability is one of trendy issues as well to consider and put effort in changing. The impact of global instability has been witnessed in the form of economics, politics and cultures. Stability is the main driving force behind major pillars of sustainable development known as environment, social and economic developments. Countries should be working together to pursue the concept of eco-friendly and look to the future.

International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology and Social Studies (ICEEPS 2020) will take place on July 7-9 in Tokyo, Japan. ICEEPS is grateful to welcome all professors, scholars, and students from academics besides the researchers and business people from industrial circles to attend, share and discuss the related researches and cases in theoretical and practical aspects.

The objective of this Conference is to communicate the relevant issues pertaining to climate change and sustainable development. By identifying the challenges of Climate Change and Global Instability, 2020 ICEEPS designed 6 tracks that consist of several subtopics to explore this subject.


Sustainability in Business & Management

Management involved in planning, structuring, controlling and leading. Develop a system view of organizations through examining organizations. It aims to diagnose and suggest the suitable solutions and sustainability proposal to various managerial and organizational cases.

Social Sciences & Humanities

Learn from societies that have lived sustainably for centuries and concern about the study of the social life of human groups and individuals. The integrated study involved in multiple fields of society, humanities, history, and geography science.

Sustainable Economics & Finance

Economy exists to support society and enhance human well-being. It is the system within a society where limited resources are managed fairly and sustainably. The ultimate goal is to improve the living conditions of people inthe everyday life.

Green Education & Communication

Environmental communication can improve and enhance environmental performance and address climate change that contributes to green growth.Instill in learners the knowledge about the environment, positive attitudes toward the environment, competency in citizen action skills.

Global Environmental Studies

Determine community needs and to identify and implement innovative and appropriate solutions. Cooperative efforts in land preservation, sustainable agriculture, appropriate development of agricultural resources, and development of regional planning and transportation systems.

Globalization, Politics and Law

Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide. Face a multifaceted phenomenon andincreased global interactions, diplomacy and policy should legislate and change with the growth of international trade, ideas, and culture.